Thursday, March 3, 2011


There are things that go bump in the night and they are eternal. Every fleeting second of your human life passes by as these creatures warp space and time and alter reality as they see fit. The only reason why you are alive, puny human, is because these creatures have not run into you yet.

Consider yourself lucky.

Every single day, I see the results of contact between these monsters and humans. Every single day I see the boundaries between the two of us diminish. We get closer and closer to the truth every year, but it’s only comparable to moving inches within a mile. We can never hope to understand these… things.

Every single day, it is my job to fight these creatures off. I work as an agent for one of the largest agencies in the world. We are spread out everywhere, and I can guarantee you that you have met us numerous times throughout your life. We guide everyone and everything. You know those conspiracies that people blame on the Freemasons or whatever? We’re that.

Only we control everything to keep you safe. Sometimes we can be extreme in our methods, but I promise you, it’s all for the better.  If you knew the secrets we kept, if you knew the dangers we hold at bay, if you knew what we know…

It’d be slow suicide from then on.

So you’re in good hands. Trust me. I know that I myself will never stand for any outbreaks.

I’m John Rivers. I am the grandson of the founder of this company. The company’s true name, is always kept under wraps. However, we do have a sort… “pen name.” 

We are the Lonely Hearts. We’re the ones who tuck humanity in at night and urge them that they’ll awake from their nightmares in the morning.

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